Sunday, July 5, 2015

LAKORN : Game Rai Game Rak

nowdays....ramai sangat suka tengok korean movie....tapi bagi aku...forever Lakorn yeaa.....dari dulu sampai lani..suka layan thai of coz la with english subtittle....mungkin sbb aku ada darah siam kot..hahaha...

ok baru lepas khatam cter..

Game Rai Game Rak
Evil Game Love Game

retis retis ni aku tak kenal...aku layan movie je...berapa bintang...5 BINTANG.......

Review cter ni :

Saichon is an islander living on Min island. One day, the destiny leads him to find Fahlada, a 17 years old girl lying unconscious on the beach. When she wakes up, he realizes that she loses her memories. Saichon takes care of her and names her Nang Fah (angel). They fall in love with each other and lives together until they have a baby in one year later.

One day, Chompooprae, Fahlada's sister saw her sister's picture in the tourist magazine, so she sends people to take Fahlada back. Saichon is very sorry and has to take care of his baby alone on the island. Fahlada gets treatment until she regains her memories, but she loses her memories about Saichon, her baby and everything during the time that she is missing. Chompooprae lies to her sister and doesn't tell her anything about Min island.

One day, Mami, a girl who falls in love with Saichon tells Saichon to run away because someone is sent to kill him and steal his baby. Saichon has no choice, so he asks for help from an American millionaire who he has ever saved his life. This millionaire adopts Saichon as his son.

Many years later, Saichon comes back from America to take care of the airline company in Thailand. He meets Chompooprae because she's a business partner. Chompooprae falls in love with him at first sight. So, she introduces him to her sister. Saichon is surprised and very glad when he meets Fahlada again. However, he is very hurt and angry because Fahlada doesn't remember him at all.

Saichon is angry at Chompooprae because she's the person who separates Fahlada from him, tries to kill him and steal his son and ruins his family. He's also angry at Fahlada because he thinks that she intends to forget him. So, he starts to revenge them.


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