Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Selamat Berpuasa - 1437H


It's not to late to wish you all..

Ramadan Kareem..

There are 13 steps to maximize pahala in the month of Ramadan :

1. Expand prayer 

2. Improve the quality of fasting 

3. Do not waste time at night, do qiyamul Lai

4. Dampen the tonque with Dzikrullah

5. Do not hesitate to remove Sadaqah

6. Do not waste time, Read the Qur'an

7. Repentance / Bertaubat

8. Hold for I'tikaf in the Mosque

9. Ridhalah over all HIS ruling

10. Open chest and tempting to forgive others

11. Sambunglah good rapport with anyone

12. Make happy the elderly

13. Seriously grabbed LAILATUL QADAR

Jom kita amalkan..InshaAllah..

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